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"letter of recommendation"

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Madeline Corcoran. As a former colleague and loyal friend, I highly recommend Madeline Corcoran to you as your permanent pet care sitter. I know that your pet would be in the best hands with Madeline because there is no one that I would trust more with my pets than Madeline!

- Amanda Kimmage

"highly recommend her"

I have a 6 year old rescue Pekingese, named Peanut Butter. He is not always the easiest dog but Madeline was wonderful with him. I trusted her completely and was able to relax on my vacation knowing he was in great hands. She has a way with animals and her calm energy helped Peanut to relax and feel comfortable in a new place. He was so spoiled on his “staycation”, I thought he might not want to come home. Peanut also got in some great socialization with Madeline’s dogs, and some much needed puppy playtime. I highly recommend her as a dog sitter and plan on bring my little guy back the next time I’m traveling!

- Alana Rader

Welcome to Stony Mountain Pet Care

I have been in love with animals for as long as I can remember. One of my dreams was to open up my own pet sitting business, and now I’m able to follow my lifelong dream of Stony Mountain Pet Care.

For the past 15 years, I have been working with students with disabilities in a local school and have been maintaining a vocal studio in my home. My husband and I are both singers and have performed in many theatrical productions throughout the years. Throughout our marriage, dogs and cats have been loving members of our family and the joy they have brought into our lives is immeasurable. At family or friend gatherings, the loved ones arrive with their pets, of course! In general, I am happiest when I am surrounded by animals.

About two and a half years ago, my husband and I relocated to the Macungie area. In fact, we were looking for a log home and found it here in Macungie on Stony Mountain. We love the location, and so do the dogs! They have five wooded acres to stretch their legs and commune with nature. Two of their favorite activities are deer and squirrel watching, and sometimes chasing!

In addition, because we also have a great love of nature and the outdoors, my husband and I love to hike in the woods with our golden doodle, Donoma and our double-doodle, Wanagie (yes, a double doodle). We have hiked the Smokies and the Appalachian Mountains. In fact, this summer we also took our puppies to Maine and hiked on the Appalachian Trail. It was an exciting adventure for all of us! We like discovering all of the local places, as well. Last weekend, we found the Trexler Nature Preserve, which has plenty of hiking trails. It was fun to tour around and see the animals in the zoo.

I really like living in this area, and I am super excited to share my love of animals through my new business, Stony Mountain Pet Care. I can’t wait to meet my fellow animal-loving friends in the community, and I know that you will not be disappointed in our company.


Pet Care Services

Dog Walking

All dogs need exercise. Daily dog walking helps to maintain a healthy weight and has been proven to help lessen behavioral issues. In today’s busy world, a midday walk may not always be possible. Why not let Stony Mountain Pet Care help?

  • Daily Visits 30-40 minutes
  • 20 minute walk
  • Fresh water
  • Play and nurturing
  • Medication or other special needs
  • Pooper scooper
  • 3 or more pets $2 or more depending on quantity of pets

Pet Sitting

Whether you’re on a business trip, working overtime or taking a much needed vacation, Stony Mountain Pet Care is there to lend a hand.

  • Daily Visits 30-40 minutes
  • Dog walking 20 minutes
  • Feeding/fresh water
  • Pooper scooper/cleaning litter/bird cages etc…
  • Medication or other special needs
  • Play time and nurturing
  • 3 or more pets $2 or more depending on quantity of pets
  • Home Care bonus! (see Home Care section)

Pet Taxi

Are you having trouble getting your pet to the vet or grooming appointment? Stony Mountain Pet Care can help.

  • Annual Veterinarian visits / or a health issue
  • Grooming appointment
  • Other (prices may vary depending on individual request)

Home Care

Stony Mountain Pet Care realizes that while you are away you may have some other home needs that need attention. No worries! We are there to help at no extra charge!

  • Water Plants
  • Bring in mail/newspaper
  • Alternating lights/closing and opening curtains…the lived in look!
  • Bring in trash cans

Service Areas

Ancient Oaks
East Texas
Vera Cruz

Dog Walking Resources

Below are some excellent articles on pet care and dog walking. Enjoy!

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